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Friday, September 30, 2011

Can you tell I have 10 kiddos??

Goodness, I cannot believe how long it has been since my last update!  Not that I am normally eating bon bons all day, but starting school with all the kids has made me lose even more time.

The boys are adjusting well.  Charmer is more reserved and stand off-ish.  Of course, he is the oldest and is probably grieving heavier than the other two.  I do notice that if we have company, he will immediately come over and grab onto my leg.  I think we are heading in the right direction with his attachment.

Lightening is much more passive about his behavior.  He is very sneaky.  I found him one day in our neighbors yard picking peaches off the ground and eating them!

Spiderman is a super cuddler.  He is always telling me he loves me and cries if he cannot find me.  I would say he has the least "issues" off all the boys so far.

It is interesting to see how they gravitate towards me.  They had been raised by their biological father for their whole lives basically.  I was not sure how they would react to a mother in their lives.  So far I have food on my side!  Food is BIG DEAL to these boys.  That is one area that frustrates me even though I know where it is coming is a security for them.  However, I do know from talking to others that food was a huge thing in their lives.  They basically sat and watched t.v. all day and ate fast food.  I guess that explains why anytime I am in the kitchen (which is 90% of my day!) they want to play upstairs....of course, then they can see I am cooking and constantly ask me what it is :)  All during dinner I hear "Momma, you are a good chef!"  Ok, that part is cute!

We had to postpone our court hearing.  At this point, we are dealing with the biological mom and termination of her rights.  Every time we think things are done more issues arise.  We would appreciate your prayers that this will be finalized soon.

At that, the only other report is that my quiver is busting!!!!!  Our house is too small.  A great friend asked me what I thought God wanted me to learn (because no matter what we cannot find a house in the country in our price range).....I know what!  Gratitude and Contentment.  He will provide a house at some point.  Probably one that will blow my mind!  But for now, I need to remember what I saw in Ethiopia.  What I know millions of people live in every day and be thankful.  Winter may be hard but we can do it!

And the rest of our kids are still doing great :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to.....The Charmer!

He is six years old today!  And he is a handsome little guy :)  We love you buddy!