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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well, the garage sale was a HUGE success.  A $2,000.00 success!  It was amazing how many people bought very little but donated.  So many asked our story of our boys and got tears in their eyes.  One lady shopped the sale and then turned her car around because God told her to give us more money.  It was just incredible!!!

Michigan cleared us officially today.  This is huge as there are many hurdles in this situation that made things more difficult.  It was worth more than gold to hire our Michigan attorney.  He really got a lot done for us and made things smooth.  Although, we know Who the real one behind this whole thing is!

There has been so much help from everyone too.  My friends have been here for two days watching my sale, packing it up, keeping me company....and I didn't have to ask one of them.  They just did it!!  A few friends have offered to paint the boys room for them and fix it up while we are gone too.  Truly amazing!

I have never seen the Body of Christ move like this....I have never been a part of such an obvious pouring of God's blessings.  We had many blessings adopting the girls, however, this has been so fast, so unbelievable, and so obvious I can barely fathom it!

Pray for peace for my kids.  It was so hard saying goodbye to kids tonight.  I HATE IT!  Pray for me as I HATE planes.  Really, really hate them.  I know that is satan after my mind so I will worry and not focus.  So for now, I will get more stuff done here and remember my verse :  Jeremiah 29:11

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Finally - finally our fingerprints and clearances came back from Lansing and our social worker mailed them to AZ.  Yeah!!!  However, we have now discovered that little "J" does not have his birth certificate.  He was born in VA and they are claiming it will take four weeks to process!!!!  4 weeks!!!!  We cannot be gone that long from our kids.  Or Ted's job. 

So, now we just pray some more that it gets to AZ before we fly out on Friday.  And that we are not gone for 4 weeks.  That would not work!  However, the boys cannot be in foster care forever either.

God has moved so many mountains that we are trusting He will move this one too.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


God confirmed our decision yesterday.  We had more shirts purchased, more garage sale items dropped off, and Mission 1:27 help us with our Arizona attorney fees.  It was a good day!

However, we still DO NOT have our fingerprint approval!!!!  I don't understand what is taking so long.  I talked via email with the foster mom.  She said the boys are doing well but keep asking what is taking mommy and daddy so long.  Just breaks my heart.

But I need to focus on my kids here - focus on getting things ready for my boys - and trust God will provide all we need, including FBI clearance of fingerprints!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Today has been pretty calm.  We did get a call last night that the boys arrived at the agency.  Apparently, they are just adorable and well behaved.  I can only imagine how scared they are....what have they been told by their daddy?  Were they allowed to pack anything from the only home they have known?  Have they been told about us yet?  How is their daddy handling this?

Adoption - is the heart of our Father.  However, it is extremely painful for all involved.  I almost feel guilty having any excitement.  Does that make sense?  I just am thankful God has allowed us to be their forever family and part of their healing with His mighty power!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


So, our local area has a wonderful organization that helps with orphan care.  It is Mission 1:27 and they really have a heart for children.  They donated shirts for us to sell!   Here are the pictures.

 BASEBALL T-SHIRTS - We have Youth sizes Small through Large and Adult size Large and XL  $10

DRY-FIT ADULT SHIRTS $15  One is a v-neck style and the other is regular neck.  They both have the same Bible verse on the back as the youth t-shirt.

How did this all happen???

We have asked that ourselves and only one answer comes to mind.  This is ALL God.....

As you all know, we were planning to adopt from Ghana.  It was probably going to be at least a year from beginning to end if not more.  Over the last few months, God has opened our eyes to domestic adoption.  We always assumed that domestic adoption was only babies or through foster care, which we are not eligible for due to our family size.

However, there was a situation a few months ago where a family was making a difficult decision to disrupt an adoption of two boys.  We were choice number 2 for awhile.  Finally, the decision was made for us to adopt them and we began contacting attorneys and such.  Then the family found someone else they wanted to adopt their boys.  During the whole process we kept telling God "whatever You want from us, we will do".  Therefore, it was confusing why this situation kept going back and forth and right when the door was opened for us it was slammed shut again.

Then we just kept went forward with Ghana.  However, we both felt like we needed to "wait out" June and see what God was going to do.  We had already sent in a large sum of money that is now non-refundable for Ghana, however, we didn't feel like we were supposed to start the USCIS part - we needed to wait.

My wonderful friend, Kim, emailed me just last week Thursday about the sibling set of three boys.  I called Ted and he just said to inquire.  Really, we both assumed NOTHING would happen.  It took awhile for the AZ caseworker and us to connect but when she did I learned more information on the boys and the names.  Let's just say the name of one of them was my sign that this was right.  AZ presented us with some other families and we were chosen.  We were at our friends' house eating dinner and we were both in such shock.  10 kids!!!!  5 boys and 5 girls.....what?!?!?!  Again "Ok God, whatever You want..."

Now, we know there is a battle going on.  Already we have hit some snags with MI and AZ.  However, we know there are NO ORPHANS in GOD!  We are trusting these boys will be in our family forever and we will use God's love to heal their wounds.

So, I think we are doing a last minute garage sale.  Not sure what date but if anyone wants to drop stuff off please do.  Probably a bake sale then too....pop can drive....whatever we have to do to get this done!  We do not like to ask for help!  And we both realized that is a pride issue so we are asking for any help but mostly prayers.  These boys are getting some horrible news today. Their daddy is spending his last Father's Day with his boys.  And then they have to live in AZ until we are cleared to get them.  Pray for their foster mother and her heart to reach out to them.

Thanks so much to everyone out there!  Our story is going so viral that Tennessee, Australia, Kentucky and such have been involved.  THANKS!!!

And to respond to the previous comment about what we will do if the birth parents change their minds - we have NO intention of keeping anyone's generous gifts.  Our funds would be rolled over to another adoption from this agency but we would return whomever wished that.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The every changing life here....

Unfortunately, due to MI having different laws than AZ, the boys will have to be put into foster care.  Mostly, this is because the interstate stuff between our two states could take two weeks or more to get worked out.  I look at my boys' faces and it hurts to know they have to endure yet another trial.  However, we have to do what is best FOR ALL involved.  I have seven sad little faces here at the thought of mom and dad being gone two weeks or more.  And Fred cannot just leave work with no return date! 

So, I have a box of clothes to overnight to the boys.  We have to pay for their private foster care which makes sense.  Also, had to use an AZ attorney which is an added expense.

But, we have a TRUE, LOVING, FAITHFUL God to see us through.  Someday this will all make sense!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


So, in the course of 24 short hours, I have gone from a momma of 7 to a momma of 10!!!!!  There are NOT words to describe what it has been like.

First of all, we have been blessed with so many kind words.  So many offers of help and love.  I am just amazed.

Secondly, we have raised about $4,000 already.  We are praying that things will keep going.  There is money in our paypal account from people I have never met....never heard of....they just felt moved by God to help our three boys.

We leave on Monday morning.  At this point, I cannot give many details but can give specific prayer requests.  Please pray for safe travels - I HATE PLANES!!  Second, pray for the helpers with our seven here and our babies.  They are all having a hard time with us leaving.  Z-girl and JoJo have never had us leave them like this.  And the other kids are feeling like it is Ethiopia all over again :(  Some sadness for them....

But most of all, please pray for our boys.  Pray for their families.  Pray for Fred and I to have the right words for them and the boys.  My heart breaks and the decision they are making right now.

And pray all the interstate paperwork goes through much quicker than they are saying.  I am not sure I want to be in Arizona for two weeks or more!  Not to mention that Fred cannot be gone from work that picture Ethel, alone in AZ with three new boys, flying home alone!  Ya, for those of you that know me - you are laughing like crazy!

For now I am chanting this "I can do ALL things through Christ"  ALL NOT SOME!   Love you all, we really, really do!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The roller coaster of our lives...

So, my wonderful friend, Kim, told us about three boys that need a home.  We agreed to pursue - just hearing about them yesterday.  And the family and agency picked us.  NOW WE NEED YOUR HELP!!  We need $25k by Friday.  God gave me a sign....we trust these are our boys.  Please help us bring them home!  I do not think the biological family will want to wait for us to raise the money.  :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Set #1 of the headbands is gone already!  I will keep listing what ones sell.  Also, I have medium and large for sale also.  If you are interested in those, please let me know.

Friday, June 10, 2011


We are selling these super fun homemade headbands.  My friend makes them....anyone who knows me know I cannot even sew on a button!  Anyway, the top is made with fun ribbon and the bottom has a non slip fabric.  I have them in lots of three - these are size small which fit my Ethiopian princesses.  Below is pics of the lots.  They are 3 for $25 and I will ship them free :)

Just let me know which set you want.  I have ONE of each set available.  Thanks!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Look at these beautiful children!  And God is allowing me, us to raise them all. I cannot wait to add more to this family.

We are officially waiting now.  Ghana works differently...once the home study is completed, you are on the waiting list.  Given the fact that we are waiting for older children, at least one a boy if not both, we are not anticipating a long wait.  However, we were not anticipating the trials we had adopting our Ethiopian Princesses either.  God is in control...He will give us our new additions when it is time.