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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We are currently in the hospital with Lightening. He has Hirsch Sprung's disease. That means he was born with a diseased part of his colon and it was removed and more colon pulled down to help him pass his stool. Basically, he started throwing up a lot on Monday and by the evening we took him to the emergency room. They thought maybe he had a twist in his colon but now it looks like stool has just backed up pretty bad.

At this point, they are draining fluid and stool from his mouth and bottom. He is in a lot of pain and his stomach is very enlarged. Sounds like we will be here a few more days. Pray for him. Pray for our other kids since mommy and daddy are not home. Poor Peanut Butter is very sad without mommy :(

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Again, sorry for being a bad blogger.  Time, don't have much! 

Life has been moving fast here.  We found a house we really like!  Actually, we had looked at it before the boys came home.  It was over nine months ago.  We liked it then but it was too much money for us.  The house had so much potential, basically when all finished it would have seven bedroom, but we could not afford to buy the house and still fix it.  So, we forgot about it and moved on.

Just last week I was at Prime Care with one of the boys.  The female doctor and I started talking and we realized that her house was the house we had looked at all those months ago.  Her husband was relocating to Florida and she was here with the kids.  She mentioned they were thinking about selling it for what they owed just to move it faster.  All that led to us seeing it again and our house is now on the market.

It still will be a higher payment for our one income family but we hope we will get a little money from our house to start the project.  If not, we will just have to wait.  The main floor is all finished so we would be squashed but we are pretty squeezed in here anyway.  However, we have faith that something amazing will work out!

The house is on five acres!  We have all been longing to be out in the country for a long time.  Most of my kids love animals and have dreams of goats, chickens, cats, and alpacas.  Ok, the alpacas are my thing....they are just so cute!

All the kids are doing well in school.  Most days go pretty smoothly and we are done by lunch.  Sunshine has longer but she is in high school.  I am not sure what will happen with showing a house a in the van??

Also, we have one other bit of very exciting news but I want to wait until it is confirmed on paper.  No, I am not pregnant!