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Sunday, July 31, 2011

A week in Review....and Some Good Friends!

I know...I's been a while since we've posted and most all of you are chomping at the bit to know "What is going on in the Reeves' household!". Well, not much. Basically, life. Just life. Go here, stand there, go over there, play here, don't touch that, be nice, calm down, why are the dogs outside, I've said it three times not to put your finger in that, why would you lick that, who told you to take off your clothes, and my favorite, why would you think the back yard is a bathroom?
Please don't think that this all came from "certain" children! Ohhh no! this includes ALL of the children at one point or another even the older "should know better" kids! ....sigh. But if we didn't experience all of this, then what else is there to do in life? I can't imagine having to find things to do! lol.

Anyway, we have been blessed to have some friends in our lives that are just wonderful, amazing, and talented! They are a married musical group who has put out an incredible record that I have found myself listening to over and over again. They write their own lyrics based on things they have encountered in life. It seems as though they are writing about me sometimes. The group is Annagail and you can find their music on iTunes and Amazon. Pretty soon, they will be going on a radio tour where they visit a lot, and I mean a lot of Christian radio stations across this country to promote their music. They have blessed us in amazing ways and we hope that we can help return that favor by getting the word out. They have a record contract out of Nashville, TN and are ready to hit it big to spread God's word through music to those who need a lift and a little inspiration. Keep watch of their announcement for this tour at They are just wonderful people and we cannot wait to see what God has in store for them!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Not what I expected

So, the more people at work find out that I've adopted three little guys who need a home the more I hear this comment and praise that we are doing such a wonderful thing and on and on and on. To be honest, I have only noticed this as more and more people find out that we have 10 kids and not just the three newly adopted boys. It has never crossed my mind that we are doing this to receive praise and attention from other people. I am concerned on one hand because that is what it might appear to be to some. My point of view is simple. I am doing what God has prompted me to do with my hands and feet. It's the same as if I asked one of my children to help me pick up the dinner mess or pick up toys. They use their hands and feet to physically pick up these items. Well, we are physically using our lives to provide a home for these children both biological and adopted.
Some people have asked me, "Isn't 7 enough?". Well, if God says that He is good with me having 7, then the answer would be "yes". However, God asked us to go beyond that. That brings me to my other thought to ponder.
I've always heard that "God does not ever give you more than you can handle." Lately, I think He does give me more than I can handle so that my only reliance is upon Him. When I can't do it anymore, I turn to Him and he stretches me more. Well, I keep finding that I can handle more. So, is it our flesh that believes we can't handle anymore than God gives? Or is it that we aren't trusting enough of Him to be stretched?
This whole process for this last round of adoption has taught us that when we take a leap, not even a step in our case, of faith, that He will stretch us and grow us. And when we look back to see where we've been, we see our footprints along with His right beside ours. Why is it that when we are on that journey we don't notice His hand holding our and His foot steps next to ours?
When I look back at this domestic adoption process and the speed at which things happened, I can only surmise that God was with us the whole way. Satan tried to close doors, cast worry into our minds, throw flaming arrows of doubt at us, but every time, God kept reassuring us with little positive notes along the way that He was in control and Satan's lies were only a mere distraction. Who goes from 7 children in hand on June 15 to 10 children by July 1 without the help of a supreme being? Mountains were moved, bureaucratic paperwork and legalities in the adoption system were physically moved by His hand. That is the only description I can look back and describe as to how all this happened.

Anyway, I can tell you that these new boys are fitting in well. They are being stimulated by all of the activities of the other kids around them and that we are seeing physical and emotional changes in their behavior that are positive! It's amazing to see them grow and learn in such a short period of time! The feeling and emotional ties we have with them are growing as if they have been with us since birth.

Thanks to all of you who have commented on our blog and have followed. It's good to know, as well as surprising, at all who actually take a peek inside our lives.

Monday, July 18, 2011

BLOG going Private...

For certain reasons that some of you may know, we are going to turn our blog private. So, please comment on our blog with your email address if you wish to receive an invitation to continue following. Sorry about this, but protection of our family is of utmost importance.

We will turn this private as of this coming Friday, July 21.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


During our many attachment trials with Z-girl, it became apparent to me that she so desperately wanted to be covered in love.  Love, that at times, was hard for me to give.  Love that required more of me than I could muster up on my own.  Love that showed itself in constant discipline and boundaries, yet a constant reassurance of our commitment, mostly mine as the "mom", to her forever.

Through many scriptures and God using wonderful friends to speak to me, I really began to soak in the truth of Luke 9:23 "Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me."  I felt like so much was about me....what was I doing wrong?  Why couldn't I fix her problems?  Why wasn't God blessing me?  After all, we obeyed His words to us.  However, God wanted me to pick up that cross of parenting her daily...not weekly but daily.

Then the incredible truths poured out on me.  I began to really understand that I, alone, could NOT fix her.  She needed to be clothed in my love and I had to daily ask God to fill me up with the Holy Spirit to show her the love she needed.  The Spirit needed to fill me up so I could pour more out to Z-girl.

I know the boys will likely go through some of the same things Z-girl did...however, I feel so much more prepared now.  We already as a couple have begun praying against certain things that seem to fight to keep "orphans" in their state of rejection and abandonment.  And before they came to our family, I found a wonderful plaque that I hung right when I walk into the door.  It has the Fruit of the Spirit on it.  The word "love" is written very big also....a constant reminder to cover them in love. 

Abba Father, let us be a family that shows your love daily by our actions and words.  Let us break any strongholds in our own lives and those of our children.  You are our King and we are grateful to serve You alone!

-Pouring heaven into these kids - right Kim :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Things have been going as "expected" around here.  First, let me start by introducing our new children by their nicknames.  Oldest son is "Charmer".  Middle son is "Lightning".  Youngest son is "Spiderman"

That in itself tells you a bit about their personalities.  Charmer is doing pretty well.  On the surface, he tends to pull away more quickly.  However, I have figured out by teasing him a bit he very quickly lightens up and will receive the affection.  He DOES NOT like to share.  I really think he spent a lot of time being "dad" to his younger brothers and it is just hard letting anyone else be the parent.  Also, he has the memories of the loss much more vividly.  But boy, does he know how to charm :)

Lightning is doing pretty well.  He had surgery as a baby for a twisted colon and that contributes to bathroom "issues".  We have noticed that he uses it now more as a control thing.  His life is out of control - third move in two weeks - new parents - new siblings - a lot of structure which they did not have at all before.  So, it makes sense.  I have noticed that since we instituted him wearing a pull-up, the "accidents" have totally ceased.

Spiderman - he is a loving little boy.  He is so good and accepting and seeking out affection.  Most of the time, he knows to come to me when he is hurt, needs a hug, etc.  And he never would sit in "time-ins" before...EVER!!  Already he has figured out he needs to finish his consequence and then he can get out.  That is huge progress as I laid awake in AZ wondering if he would ever be able to sit still!!!

Z-girl is regressing a bit.  To be expected, but still hard.  We keep telling her she has to help "teach" the boys how our family works, how following God and his rules are the way we live and I am hoping that will help her change the behavior.

Peanut butter is NOT enjoying mommy having slightly distracted time right now.  But she did give Charmer a hug today of her own free will.

We are blessed...tired and blessed.  The first few months are going to be a lot of figuring out life.  I am glad it is not time to do school yet!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Picnic and Day at the Beach

The day started off with a wonderful breakfast made by grandma and grandpa! We all went to a little known park and had it all to ourselves! After breakfast, we headed to a private beach on Lake Michigan. This was just a perfect day! The weather was in the low 80's.....low humidity....and just right to cool off in the water!
The new boys are adjusting well and really starting to find their place within the family. Though there are some minor bumps with behavior, which is typical of any child, they are experiencing some freedom like they've never known before. We pray that this keeps up.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Settling In

It's been a couple of days now and the boys are starting to settle in and understand how our family functions. I am not sure they knew what structure and order was. They are learning what to expect next especially when it comes time to eat. At first, they would dive into their food literally. We taught them that we pray first and then they can eat civilly. Now, they have learned that they will be fed, but they must wait to pray. Two days is all that took!
Yesterday, all three of them had their doctor appt. It lasted 2.5 hours as the doctor was trying to assess where they were physically and mentally. LJ(4) needed the most shots as he was 7 behind! He received 4 and will get the other 3 in a month. JJ(3) needed 3 shots and EJ(5) only received a poke on his finger to get some blood samples. They have some physical issues, but nothing that can't be easily corrected! Thank the Lord!
Mentally, they will catch up since they are in a home that has a lot of stimulation with reading, writing, speaking, interacting, etc.
So, we just try to keep the same pace and routine in the family so they can get acclimated and know what to expect next. The first night home was quite "hairy", but we figured out the best way to do things last night when it came to bed time.
Sunshine and Peeps helped figure out the car seat puzzle for us. We needed to have at least one older kid in every row so as to help the younger ones get buckled. Last night, we went for a drive and all worked out very well. I couldn't believe that the first time we all got into the van it was like a well oiled machine.

Lastly, thanks to all of you who have helped us with big things and small things. The meals have been wonderful! Helping with watching our kids while we had our weekend excursion in the desert also was a huge help! Thanks to all of you!

We will try to post as often as possible.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


It has been an eventful day.  We actually went to church with the boys.  A friend via blog world invited us to her church.  The boys made it through - the communion did not go over well and it was obvious they had never been to church before...however, bribery of candy afterwards seemed to work well.  You just do what ya gotta do!

Then we came home and had some lunch.  After we took a short nap and then met our same friend at the YMCA.  Even though it was hot, the water felt very nice.  It is so stinky hot here that all you can do is be in air conditioning or water.

I hope we make it through the plane ride.  The two little ones pee about three times every 20 minutes!!!  We are convinced they do not have a bladder!
 Heading off to church!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

....I'm a wimpy Michigan Boy....

I know that I can't complain about Michigan weather being hot, humid, nasty, sweaty....But I will appreciate those days now....because I have been put on Hell's grill! I snapped this photo of the temperature in our van once we got back to our hotel. We had just left the movie theater where took the boys to see Car's 2, and when we exited, it said it was 123 degrees. It cooled down to a "refreshing" 121 by the time we got back to our hotel.
Also, the boys like to eat....that is apparent! We drive by a McDonald's or Wendy's and it sounds like the birds from "Finding Nemo"! It's quiet, then all three boys in unison perk up and scream the name of the fast food establishment! They will adjust.

The Boys!

Well, the whirlwind tour we are on has finally led us to picking up the boys from the foster home in Arizona. These boys were excited and ready to come see us. We had figured that they would want to transition over to us during our stay and then we would just put them on a plane and away we go. However, the boys decided that they wanted to stay with us! So, what to do with three boys in a hotel room. We are searching for things and have found a few items around town to do.

Anyway, they are just the typical boys. Carson and Luke are going to have to teach the boys a lot of new things about our family!

Today, we will try the new Cars movie and maybe a park. Not sure about the park since it's so hot! The temperature on our van read 118 degrees yesterday! I can't say that I've ever felt a slap in the face of heat like that before. "Dry heat"'s dry....but it's hot! Good grief!

We plan to return to Michigan on Monday evening around 5:40pm. In the meantime, we bond with these guys and try to help them in this difficult and confusing time for them.