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Friday, February 10, 2012


Lightening's surgery went very well.  Unfortunately, the recovery is not going as well as expected.  He had a little bit of liquid yesterday and threw it up.  His tummy is getting bloated again and he has not passed any stool.  The doctor is going to do a procedure this afternoon to try and get things moving.  If that doesn't work, we will be getting x-rays to check for a bowel blockage.

He is in a lot of pain.  At least he is sleeping at night.  The doctor wants him up and walking around during the day.  He does not like that one bit!!!

Thank you for all your continued prayers!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hospital again...

Lightening is at the hospital again.  He had the surgery to hook up his colon again and remove his colostomy bag.  The surgery was supposed to be six hours but they got done in three! 

He is doing pretty well.  They are giving him enough medication so that he is not in pain.  Now he needs to start "using" his bowels in order for us to make progress and go home.  Poor guy.

The other kids are at home being taken care of by various family and friends.  We appreciate all the help!

All of the other kids are doing well. It is hard when mommy is not home - hard for them and for mommy!  I miss them already but cannot leave Lightening here alone.  :)

Fred has been working hard on our house.  We are so blessed with many people coming on the weekends to help him.  The older kids have even been working with him.  Country living is totally for us - we are having a great time!